Portable/Stationary Chillers

CA Series (Portable) – NA Series (Stationary)
From Whaley Products, Incorporated
3 Categories of Air Cooled Portable Chillers Available
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SAP Series
1.5Ton – 5Ton
Single Circuit
SAP Series
3Ton – 10Ton
Single Circuit
208-230/3 – 460/3
SAP Series
12.5Ton – 20Ton
Single Circuit
208-230/3 – 460/3
SAP-D Series
10Ton – 20Ton
Dual Circuit
208-230/3 – 460/3

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(1.5 to 20 TONS CAPACITY)


WPI Compa-Chill “SA Series” portable air-cooled chillers are highly efficient utilizing rotary Scroll compressors, high heat transfer stainless steel plate evaporators, and high CFM condenser fans. Standard single stage temperature controllers are used on 1.5 thru 5ton models. Dual stage controllers are used on the 7.5 thru 20ton models. Standard temperature controllers are +/-1 degree accurate. 1.5 thru 5 ton models are available with optional PID algorithm controls and hot gas bypass. The “SA Series” portable chillers are available with optional make-up water, remote panel, water headers, andl other options to fit your specific chilling requirements. Chillers can be easily be field converted to chill remote reservoirs.



~ Bakeries
~ Blow molding
~ Compounding
~ Compression molding
~ Heat treating
~ Extrusion
~ Injection molding
~ Laser cooling
~ Pharmaceutical
~ ThermoformingSimplistic Design
Exemplar Quality


Dual Pump Option

~ Rotary Scroll Compressors
~ Staged tandem Scrolls 7 ½-20 ton models
~ Insulated non-ferrous reservoir
~ H2O level sight glass
~ Bronze fitted pumps
~ Steel tube frame with casters
~ Galvanized dust covers
~ Stainless steel plate evaporator
~ Stainless steel plate condensers
~ Refrigeration TEV
~ Refrigeration sight glass and dryer
~ Pump/compressor manual switches
~ Digital read-out temperature controller
Single stage on 1.5 to 5 ton
Dual stage on 7.5 to 20 ton
~ Fused 24 volt control
~ Charged and tested
~ Wiring diagrams and manuals
~ Warranty 1year parts and 5-year compressors



~ Remote panel
~ High temperature alarm
~ Hot gas bypass with PID control (1.5 to 5 ton)
~ High head pump systems
~ Dual pump systems
~ Isolation heat exchangers to chill H2O near freezing
~ Make-up water systemSafeties:
~ Low water flow
~ High-low refrigeration pressure
~ High and low temperature limits
~ Optional pressure activated freeze-stat
portable chillerportable chillerportable chiller